Natural Pain Relief for Dogs

EASE oil is an all natural way to relieve pain and inflammation associated with arthritis in dogs.

Dog EASE - with Turmeric and Frankincense


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Combining powerful herbal remedies like Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, Frankincense, Turmeric and MCT oil, Ease is formulated to boost vitality, restore mobility, and give your pets the pain relief they need, without the harmful side effects associated with prescription drugs. Approved by veterinarians, guided by research.

How it Helps:

  • Diminishes sensation of pain 
  • Targets inflammation in bones and joints
  • Reduces overactive immune responses
  • Improves mobility and promotes healthy weight

"I have used other hemp products out there for my dogs and this by far surpasses any other products I have tried"
- Reyna T.

“It saved my dog! Absolutely would recommend this to anyone with a dog who has arthritis and or muscle deterioration. Within 3 weeks my dog went from not being able to walk up 3 steps to the house – to running! A happy kid again! Thank you for being there for my pack ” – Menna A.


As the demand for pet products containing hemp continues to skyrocket, Dr. Pilossoph brings experience as as a global hemp educational expert to Hemp Dog Health’s products.

Dr. Pilossoph play’s a vital role in overseeing the quality, control and consistency of Hemp Dog Health’s holistic hemp product lines.

Natural Ingredients

EASE is a proprietary, full-spectrum hemp oil formula designed to target inflammation and balance the immune system. This high potency oil contains simple, high quality, all natural ingredients, including frankincense, turmeric, MCT-3 Oil and full-spectrum extract. The combination of these incredible anti-inflammatory essential oils make EASE oil the best joint supplement for dogs.

Research Shows!

Under the leadership of Dr. Joe Wakshlag, Cornell University’s Veterinary School recently produced a study that sought to determine the effects of using hemp oil to treat dogs suffering from osteoarthritis.


Based on the Cornell University Study, the majority of the dogs showed “significant improvement in pain levels and quality of life.”

In fact, these dramatic positive results were found in over 80% of the dogs tested. The report goes on to say that the animals in this test who were using the two hemp formulations had little to no side effects as a result of the treatment. There was also no psychoactive side affects seen in the dogs, making hemp the perfect natural remedy for dog arthritis pain and relief.

Happy Furry Customers

My baby girl

“She was just recently diagnosed with a thyroid issue. Due to her being overweight she had a lot of aches and pain. At first, the doctors tried to say it was cancer and we ran all sorts of tests until I said enough. I started this hemp and I have my baby girl back. She has been very energetic and active. She does not seem to be in the same amount of pain or discomfort. I give it to her at night and she gets a wonderful rest. Thank you!”
Martha B. Verified Buyer

Foxie’s Miracle 

“It saved my dog! Absolutely would recommend this to anyone with a dog who has arthritis and or muscle deterioration. Within 3 weeks my dog went from not being able to walk up 3 steps to the house- to running! Thank you for being there for my pack”
Menna M. Verified Buyer


“My Beagle has been on multiple veterinary prescribed medications and over-the-counter antihistamines for allergies, none of which have brought relief for his allergies and related foot chewing, ear scratching. He is now on EASE two times a day. Thanks to EASE we are both relaxing more and sleeping better through the night.”
Roberta G. Verified Buyer


“I had my dachshund in for routine check up. The Vet also stated she was worried about leaky gut, and that he might be having back issues because of yelping when picked up. Amongst other instructions, I was urged to purchase this brand of hemp oil for not only above mentioned but recent seizure activity. Since having Butters on Ease, he is eating well, no reflux or further seizure activity and is very playful and much more active. Thank you. My stress level has also been eased since starting him on this oil. I am glad my Vet decided this brand is the best and encouraged us to try it.”
Cheryl B. Verified Buyer


We hold ourselves to the highest of standards when it comes to your satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with your product, we do have a 30-Day, Money Back Guarantee!


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