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Natural Pain Relief for Dogs

EASE oil is an all natural way to relieve pain and inflammation associated with arthritis in dogs.

Dog EASE - with Turmeric and Frankincense


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Combining powerful herbal remedies like Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, Frankincense, Turmeric and MCT oil, Ease is formulated to boost vitality, restore mobility, and give your pets the pain relief they need, without the harmful side effects associated with prescription drugs. Approved by veterinarians, guided by research.

How it Helps:

  • Diminishes sensation of pain 
  • Targets inflammation in bones and joints
  • Reduces overactive immune responses
  • Improves mobility and promotes healthy weight

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"I have used other hemp products out there for my dogs and this by far surpasses any other products I have tried!"
- Reyna T.


Success Stories

I bought this for my dog who has a cough from a trachea issue and his allergies. Since he has been on it no more cough!!! I mean, he use to cough every single day and since I put him on it there is no cough. His allergies seem to have lessened as well so no more shots for him. I also use it for my older dog who will be 15 next month for her arthritis, she is getting around a lot better. She is still able to do walks and is a firecracker with her energy. So glad I found your company!

Susan M. Verified Buyer
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Arthritis Review

I have a dog with a very serious inflammation disease and arthritis. Since starting him on Hemp he has been doing so much better. He was given 12-18 months almost 6 years next month and is now 14 yrs old. I'm so thankful to have him still. Using hemp oil has helped me to reduce his prednisone which I know is not good for him. I can't save enough. It's saving his life and he can still go on walks. Thank you!

Susan M. Verified Buyers
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Arthritis Review 2

Using this EASE product had changed my dogs life. She was in pain, unable to keep up & uncomfortable sleeping. I was given a choice to use pharmaceuticals or this product, so glad I took the chance. Her hips & movements drastically changed after 3 doses. Can’t recommend enough. Words will never compare to the gratitude I feel with the renewed mobility & spirit of my beloved dog.

Tami T. Verified Buyer
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EASE Review 3

My 5 year old 90 lb pitty has IVDD, 6 months after getting her diagnosis and trying carprofen, gabapentin, etc, she still showed pain symptoms almost every night. Nothing seemed to relieve her symptoms and it was hurting my heart to see. I did some research and thought I’m going to try hemp. I knew it wouldn’t harm her and it’s definitely better than NSAIDs and pain pills. I found the EASE full spectrum hemp extract 550mg for aches/pains/arthritis/allergies and after a couple of days of finding her right dose, she has showed NO symptoms from her disease! She is happy as can be. And it truly gave me relief that she wasn’t suffering. I am so glad I got this for her, and I will definitely keep using it and recommending it to anyone who’s pet needs it.

Megan M. Verified Buyer
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Ease Review

My collie has issues with her front paw and this has really help her with her pain so happy I found this!

Diane K. Verified Buyer
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EASE review 2

Our border collie Maggie, who is only three years old, has had an issue with a couple of her legs for quite a while now. After a big run she limps and appears to be in pain. We tried lots of medications via a veterinarian but it wasn’t until using EASE oil that we saw results. After using it for several days we weaned her off and she’s been fine ever since. We know if the injury happens again we will use the same product to ease her pain.

Joanne C. Verified Buyer
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EASE Review 5


How does it help?


As the demand for pet products containing hemp continues to skyrocket, Dr. Pilossoph brings experience as as a global hemp educational expert to Hemp Dog Health’s products.

Dr. Pilossoph play’s a vital role in overseeing the quality, control and consistency of Hemp Dog Health’s holistic hemp product lines.

100% Natural

Natural Ingredients

EASE is a proprietary, full-spectrum hemp oil formula designed to target inflammation and balance the immune system. This high potency oil contains simple, high quality, all natural ingredients, including frankincense, turmeric, MCT-3 Oil and full-spectrum extract. The combination of these incredible anti-inflammatory essential oils make EASE oil the best joint supplement for dogs.

Why Hemp?

Research Shows!

Under the leadership of Dr. Joe Wakshlag, Cornell University’s Veterinary School recently produced a study that sought to determine the effects of using hemp oil to treat dogs suffering from osteoarthritis.


Based on the Cornell University Study, the majority of the dogs showed “significant improvement in pain levels and quality of life.”

In fact, these dramatic positive results were found in over 80% of the dogs tested. The report goes on to say that the animals in this test who were using the two hemp formulations had little to no side effects as a result of the treatment. There was also no psychoactive side affects seen in the dogs, making hemp the perfect natural remedy for dog arthritis pain and relief.


We hold ourselves to the highest of standards when it comes to your satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with your product, we do have a 30-Day, Money Back Guarantee!


Help Your Dog’s Arthritis & Pain – Naturally

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