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The Heal Tincture is an all-natural way to help Cushing’s Disease in dogs!

HEAL: Hemp Oil for Dogs


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  • Promotes balanced function of the adrenal and pituitary glands.
  • Helps reduce excessive thirst and urination.
  • Helps with hair loss and fragile skin.
  • Helps reduce growth of skin tags and skin tumors.
  • Improves mobility and energy.

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"I have been using this product on my two dogs with Cushing’s. They are doing fantastic! My sheltie, who was extremely close to dying, has “bounced back” and is now barking, playing, and eating! I wish that I had known about HEAL years ago. All I can say is THANK YOU!"
- Ilena F.


Success Stories

After Mickey got diagnosed with Cushing Syndrome I started reading, a lot. The only thing that scared me more than the diagnosis was the recommended treatment. Then I saw a little information on hemp oil. Luckily I found Hemp Dog Health and the amazing amount of information that they make available online. After educating myself I ordered Heal oil against the advice of my vet. The result of trying hemp was not only amazing but instantaneous. By day two, Mickey was back to drinking and peeing normally and calmer than he had been in many weeks. It's now been a little over two months and Mickey is his happy, loving self. Thank you Hemp Dog Health for providing the mass of information that led me to the educated decision to try your product. I could not be more happy.

Joseph S. Verified Buyers
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Cushing's Review 2

I was told 20 minutes after giving my dog the HEAL orally we would see a difference. The change in him was remarkable! His panting slowed down and he was at ease. Within a day or two, his appetite came back and he had a spring in his step just like his old self. I gave him a half a dropper full of hemp oil every day until the end. He didn’t act or look old till the last few days. I knew then that his passing was inevitable. I honestly believe HEAL oil helped my dog’s passing be more relaxed and serene than it would have done otherwise.

Melodye B. Verified Buyer
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Cushing's Disease Review

My 11 year old Maltese, Antonio, was diagnosed last July with "possible" Cushing's Disease by the veterinarian after complete blood work. He wanted to put him on medication, but I refused because of the word "possible". I had heard about hemp Oil for people, but never for animals. After doing extensive research, I found your website and decided that I would try using the HEAL OIL as it helps dogs with Cushing's Disease and it was a natural product, high quality and would not be harmful to Antonio. I must say, I have seen a REMARKABLE difference in him! Prior to using the HEAL, he was lethargic and limped when he walked. He now plays with his toys, runs outside to chase squirrels and has a good appetite. It is blessing to see my little boy being his old self! I HIGHLY recommend this product! It definitely helped Antonio!

Edward K. Verified Buyer
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Cushing's Review 3

My 11 1/2 year old havanese has cushings disease and this oil has helped tremendously with her symptoms. She’s pretty much back to her old self without costly vet meds that have side effects. Thank you ❤️

Janine M. Verified Buyer
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Cushing's Review 4

I’ve been using full spectrum 1100 mg for a while and it has truly saved my dogs life. She has Cushing disease and has chronic yeast on her bod. hHer breakouts are very little now and she plays a lot more and her joint pain seems to be gone. I will never be with out this miracle in a bottle ❤️

Karen K. Verified Buyer
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Cushing's Review 5

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For Cushing's Disease In Dogs

For a truly holistic approach, we recommend addressing chronic conditions from all possible angles. If your dog has tumors as well, combining the powerful therapeutic properties of REMEDY and HEAL is the ideal way to provide both localized and systemic therapy for tumors, cysts, papilomas and more. These products work together synergistically to boost efficacy and encourage the best possible outcomes. Recommended by veterinarians, trusted by pet parents everywhere.


As the demand for pet products containing hemp continues to skyrocket, Dr. Pilossoph brings experience as a global hemp educational expert to Hemp Dog Health’s products.

Dr. Pilossoph play’s a vital role in overseeing the quality, control and consistency of Hemp Dog Health’s holistic hemp product lines.

100% Natural

Natural Ingredients

HEAL is a proprietary full-spectrum hemp formula designed to enhance your dog’s endocannabinoid system and address a variety of challenging health conditions including pain and inflammation. This high potency hemp oil contains simple, high quality, natural ingredients including MCT-3 Oil and full-spectrum hemp extract.

Why Hemp?

Research Shows!

In research conducted by A.B. Hancock Jr. Memorial Laboratory for Cancer Research, researchers concluded that full spectrum hemp is promising in the treatment of cancer and tumors. 

Another recent study found that full spectrum hemp inhibits the growth of cancerous cells in mice with pancreatic and bladder cancer. Not only did full spectrum hemp inhibit cancerous cell growth, but also proved to prevent future tumors. The conclusion of this study noted that full spectrum hemp could be a viable option to treat tumors in both humans and animals, making this a potential dog Cushing’s natural treatment.

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Help Your Dog’s Cushing’s Disease Now – Naturally

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