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National Hemp Day

Save up to 50% off!

Save up to 50% off until tomorrow, August 9th, at 10 am ET. Remember, you can only use one coupon code at checkout so make sure to pick your pet’s favorite and save. Plus, coupon codes are not valid with subscription products. Happy National Hemp Day!

50% Off Horse Products

Coupon Code: HEMPDAY50

Use coupon code HEMPDAY50 to save 50% off all horse products!

20% off Dog & Cat Tinctures

Coupon Code: HEMPDAY20

Use coupon code HEMPDAY20 to save 20% off all dog and cat tinctures!

15% off Dog Salves

Coupon Code: HEMPDAY15

Use coupon code HEMPDAY15 to save 15% off all dog salves!

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